Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hevea Natural Rubber Pacifier Review

The Hevea pacifier is made of 100% pure natural rubber from the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis.

  • 100% natural rubber latex 
  • Hygienic one piece design – no joints, cracks or edges
  • Soft material and ergonomic shape – soft and gentle against baby’s face
  • Doesn’t leave marks, prevents vacuum around the mouth
  • Sustainably produced
  • Recycled and biodegradable packaging materials
  • Meets EU standard EN1400, US regulations CPSIA & AUS regulation AS 2432-1991
  • No PVC, no BPA, no phthalates, no artificial colors

This is a review I've been putting off for awhile, hoping that my sweet baby would decide she likes pacifiers.
She's going on 3 months of absolute pacifier-rejection.
Occasionally, I can get her to to tolerate it for a few moments, but I have to holding it in,'s on the floor.

So, it's a little hard for me to to tell you how your baby might like this pacifier compared to others...but I can tell you what I think about it!

Hevea has four cute designs and a few different styles and sizes. They have an orthodontic nipple, (see above photo,) and a round nipple style.

The biggest thing I like about this one is that the whole entire pacifier is soft, and therefore more comfortable for baby's face.

The only thing I have found as a possible problem is that because the handle isn't hinged like my old pacifiers, it can get awkward when you've got a baby squished up against you in your Moby wrap. :-)

Visit Hevea's Question and Answer page for more info!

Visit their Where to Buy page to find retailers near you or online!



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