Saturday, September 18, 2010

A peek into my diaper stash...

I chose to use prefolds and covers when I started out cloth diapering. I bought the preemie size from Mom's Milk Boutique, knowing that later on I could use these teeny tiny diapers (recommended for 4-10lbs) as doublers/soakers/whatever-you-wanna-call-'ems. They also make great burp cloths!

I ended up being able to use them until Katie was at least a couple months old. Even though she was born at 8lbs, 4 oz, she took forever gain weight at the beginning with our nursing problems, (another story!) and she wasn't 10 pounds for quite awhile. I think I used them a little beyond 10 pounds, too. I didn't want to buy anymore yet, because I knew that I was soon to receive a bunch of bamboo velour preflats. A dear friend of mine had access to the luxurious fabric and offered to sew it up for me into these oh-so-soft delights!

This is not the greatest picture, but it shows the bamboo preflat next to my teeny-tiny prefolds. Basically the preflat is two layers of bamboo velour with a layer of bamboo loop terry in between, invented by Amy over at Peanutbutter & Ellie.
The bamboo preflats have fit Katie for months. I can't remember exactly how old she was when I switched over to them, but I never used anything in between the preemie prefolds and these, so she was pretty little! And, still, at 18 months, we're using them!

As for covers, so far I have only used the Thirsties V 2.0 covers. With these covers, I haven't even had to use pins until Katie started walking recently! The preflats sometimes start sinking down in the cover and drooping after she runs around for awhile, so I've started using pins during the day.
The covers have been great...but I'm curious to try out covers with snaps. I've had to repair the velcro on the medium size, (the ones Katie has been in the longest,) several times now. Also, if Katie has a dress on that doesn't include panties...she can, (and will) free herself of her diaper. :-/ I suspect she'd have a more difficult time with undoing the snaps.
I just ordered 4 new covers, this time the Thirsties Duo Wraps, size 2. (In case you wanna know, Mom's Milk Boutique is having a rare Thirsties sale right now, plus their always-free shipping! And they didn't pay me to say that.) ;-)
Three of them I just got in more neutral colors, but I had to get one girlie one...
This print makes me happy. :-) I can't wait for my package to arrive!

I love getting to line-dry my diapers...I'm going to miss these summer days!

As for wipes, I just cut out a bajillion little rectangles of flannel and serged two layers together, rounding the corners to make it easier to grab 'em.

I rarely actually line-dry my wipes. I usually just stack them back into the wipe container and pour my wipe solution back over them, still damp from the washer. Or I toss them into the dryer along with another load.
Occasionally, though, I like to give them a good sunning to get out stains and bacteria.

My Wipe Solution

In a quart jar, add:

2 tablespoons baby shampoo
2 tablespoons baby oil
2-3 drops tea tree oil (to keep any mold away: yuck)

Fill to the top with boiled water.
Ta da!
Pretty simple.

I just pour the solution over a stack of clean wipes until they're all well-moistened and away I go!
A stack that big usually lasts me a week or more!

My diapering station...

I keep clean covers, pail liners (I have two, so I can use one and have one in the wash when needed,) and any clean dry wipes in this drawer nearby.

So, there you have it. That's how I do cloth diapers. Hopefully I didn't bore you to tears. ;-)



At September 18, 2010 at 7:56 PM , Blogger Danielle @ We Have It All said...

Hi, thanks for stopping my my blog earlier... I am your newest follower.
I LOVE your blog, very CUTE!

And I LOVE posts like this! I used Thirsties w/prefolds until my baby was almost a year. Now I use pocket diapers w/inserts (doublers). I just-so-happened to be doing a search on ebay & found them for a buck each, brand new! I LOVE them.

Anyway, I hope you're having a great weekend!

At September 18, 2010 at 10:00 PM , Blogger Amanda Evans said...

Hey, thanks for the sale on Thirsties tip! I just ordered. I love making wipes! Mine is a splash of aloe concentrate, a few drops of tea tree oil, and enough water to hydrate the batch of flannel wipes. I really, really want some double layered ones with nice serged edges! I went ahead and ordered some Thirsties brand wipes so I could get the additional discount. Those will be posh, but there's only six in a pack. Maybe it will inspire me to make my own.

At September 18, 2010 at 10:51 PM , Blogger Shoni said...

Super cute blog. I blog about similar things...cloth diapers and such. I'm a new blog follower and twitter follower. Would love a follow back. :)

Take care!

At September 19, 2010 at 1:57 PM , Blogger Dawn Lopez said...

Wow, that's really great!

We are your newest followers from the weekend hop! Hope you will follow us back to

Cute blog too, love the design!

-Dawn & Raphael

At September 19, 2010 at 4:23 PM , Blogger Betty Manousos said...

Hi, I found you through Walk with Me blog/blog hop..your blog caught my eye!
Super awesome blog!!
I am now following you. Love to have you stop by my blog.

Hope your Sunday is going super!


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