Thursday, November 25, 2010

AMFC Early Entries! - CC Bums

Next in our line-up of great sponsors is...CC Bums!

(If you haven't heard about this AMFC event yet, click HERE!!)

From Cami...

I'm a full-time mom of 3 girls and full-time owner of CC Bums...going green for the everyday family. We decided to start cloth diapers to save us money, cause we were in a tight spot. A friend introduced me to a whole new side of cloth diapers; there were SO many options I had no idea about! This started my upcycling journey. On May 15, 2009, I "opened shop" as CC Bums (Cami's Courts Bums).. starting only with diapers, mama cloth and family. I have since added a LOT to my line of products, and constantly get requests for more items that I don't currently stock (ie a Tinkerbell fleece dress and velour/cotton terrycloth kitchen towels). I am SO enjoying this business.. and we now use fleece all in one's and pockets on a daily basis.. we are a total cloth diaper family, and we use SO many of the products i make. We are officially.. CRUNCHY. :) lol. The complete store is on Facebook.

CC Bums specializes in custom products, and you can see some of the many special orders she has made for customers in her Facebook photo album.

Here are a few examples!

CC Bums will be giving away this quick-trip Wet Bag (holds 1-2 diapers) and set of Cloth Wipes during our Merry Fluffy Christmas Event!

Wet Bag
Set of Cloth Wipes

I've decided to use the form style of entering for these early entries to better help me keep track of them all!

It's much easier and quicker for you to get lots of entries this way, also!

Feel free to comment here to remind yourself you entered, but please be aware that comments will not be counted as entries! You must use the form!

Good luck!

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