Monday, July 11, 2011

Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt Deal!

Today and tomorrow ONLY you can get the Undercover Mama nursing shirt for only $15, (with free shipping if you order by 7/31/11!) by using the deal at Gaggle of Chicks

It is normally $25, (plus shipping costs,) so this is a big savings!

The Modest Mom alerted me to this deal on her Facebook page...thanks so much, Caroline!

I reviewed the Undercover Mama nursing shirt back in February, and since then, I have been using it even more, because of the splint I have to wear for my diastasis recti, (I'm using the same program as Amy at Raising Arrows.)

You basically have to wear an undershirt under the splint, which makes nursing difficult, since you obviously can't pull up the shirt from the bottom with the splint holding it down.

Now that I'm using it so much more often, having only a black one was becoming wearisome. ;-)
I just ordered a white one with this deal, so now I have one to wear with all my summer wardrobe!

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